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Forms Repository

This page is a repository of forms that may be needed for Bai'at (Initiation into Ahmadiyya Muslim Community), Wasiyyat (Will), Nikah (Marriage), and Jalsa (Convention) Registration, etc.

Forms, instructions, and guidance documents provided on this page are for the use of members of Orlando Jama'at. Ahmadis who are not the member of the Orlando Jama'at can download and use these documents; however, they are strongly advised to talk to the local Jama'at officials before using any form downloaded from this site.

Please make sure to download any given form every time you need to complete a form. Never use a form previously downloaded and stored on your computer, as forms may have been updated/revised since your last download, Jazakumallah.

Important: Make sure that all forms are opened in Adobe Acrobat and not in your browser (Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer etc.). Save form(s) to your computer by right-clicking on the link and using “Save link as ..” or “Save target as..” Open and complete the given form using Adobe Acrobat and then print, sign, and email completed forms to the Jama'at President.

Annual Conventions (Jalsa Salana) Forms:

Please complete forms at least three weeks before the event, Jazakumallah.

  • None available at this time.

Bai'at (Initiation) Form:

Expense Reimbursement form

Mulaqat (Audience) with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih (may Allah be his Helper):

Nikah (marriage) Forms and Instructions/Guidelines:

Qadha'a (Judicial) Board:


Tajnid (Membership):

Waqf-e-Nau (New Devotee):

Wasiyyat (Will)